About Us

Creativity and talent is everywhere and so is Lambah, the light bulb, which is related to every idea that pops up!

We believe that Kuwait has the best creative people both locals and foreigners, but somehow they are not well recognized in the society, not mentioning how hard it is for some of them to find a job or even reach new clients and get new projects.

We had our Lambah moment to shed the light on all artists and designers residing in Kuwait.

If you’re an artist, designer or even have an eye for art (like most of us), Lambah is the right place for you! You can showcase your work, collaborate with your peers, socialize with other talents, meet up with clients and make the world know who you are.

It’s time for you to join our circuit because it’s all what you need!

Why Lambah?

Looking for a place to showcase your work?

Wanting to sell your work, products, and paintings?

Wanting to meet up and socialize with other designers in your field?

We are always happy to offer you our assistance

We seek development by looking at things from a different perspective.

We believe in the responsibility towards our society & environment.

Therefore we see, listen, offer solutions and create opportunities.

With Lambah you can do the following:

*        Stay connected with other Artists & Designers within our circuit

*         Share your projects & updates

*         One year of full power (membership)

*         Get inspired and aspired, the world is round you know!

*         Enjoy our services.

*         Write your own articles and contribute in the writings of our blog.

*         Get special discounts if you’re a part of Lambah Family.

*         Develop your skills with our seminars & workshops.


Since you’re connected to electricity, expect an electric shock!